Stenger Invitational – May 25-27, 2019

2019 Registration is now open!!  We are still accepting applications in all Age Groups!!!

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Please join us as we celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the Stenger Invitational Tournament.  The 27th Annual Stenger Invitational Tournament, hosted by the EDGE Soccer Club, will be held Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-27, 2019) at the Beautiful 64 acre Stenger Soccer Complex in the heart of Arvada Colorado and at Long Lake Ranch on 64th Avenue just east of highway 93.

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General Information
  • 3 game guarantee
  • All participants will receive a Tournament pin
  • Each participating team will be required to provide a qualified Linesman for the tournament.
  • Additional tournament pins, patches, t-shirts, sweatshirts and merchandise will be available for purchase at the tournament headquarters.
  • Concessions will be available at the tournament
  • Lodging information is available for out of town teams upon request or at our website
  • 7U-8U teams will play 5v5 with a goalkeeper.  Games for these age groups will be on Saturday and Sunday only.
Registration, Entry Fee and Payment

REGISTER HERE Teams may pay by check or credit card.  Teams will not be accepted until payment is received.  Checks can be mailed to: Arvada Soccer Association PO Box 265, Arvada, CO 80001

  • $350 fee for 7U
  • $350 fee for U8
  • $450 fee for 9U and 10U
  • $600 fee for 11U -12U
  • $650 fee for 13U-15U

Payment must be received by April 29th, 2019.  A $25.00 late fee will be added to any application received after April 29th.  Please make checks payable to ASA and include with registration confirmation form.    You must register online at No refunds will be issued once schedule brackets have been set.

Age Groups, Levels of Team, Playing Format
  • Developmental and Intermediate Teams 7U-15U Boys & Girls
  • Competitive Teams  11U-15U Boys & Girls Centennial League and Premier 1 – Premier 3 Champions League
                                          Age Group  Field  Maximum Roster Size Number of Guest Players up to maximum roster size
7U 5v5 (4v4 + goal keeper) 10 2
8U 5v5 (4v4 + goal keeper) 10 2
9U & 10U 7v7 14 3
11U-12U 9v9  16 3
13U-15U 11v11 18 3

***The Tournament Committee reserves the right to combine age groups and/or flights of divisions in tournament play to accommodate all applicants.***

Game Format and Divisions

Regulation game times less 5 minutes.  All games will be played at the Stenger Soccer Complex, or Long Lake Regional Park, in Arvada, Colorado.  Each 9U –15U team will be scheduled to play a minimum of three games.  Semi-final matches (if needed) will be played on Sunday afternoon with finals & consolation matches scheduled for Monday.

Teams will be placed in Divisions based on number of teams registered, level of play and ability level.  Our best efforts will be used to divide registered teams equally into divisions, based on divisional standings, division currently playing within CSA, and recommendations from the coaches, however placement is ultimately dependent on the current list of registered teams within the age group.  3 Divisions will be:

  • Gold Division
  • Silver Division
  • Bronze Division
  • White Division- if needed


7U & 8U teams will be scheduled to play 4 games on Saturday & Sunday only.  The first 3 games will be randomly scheduled in a “festival format”.  The tournament will conclude for these age groups with the “celebration round”, where teams with similar records will be matched for the final game.

Rules and Forms

2019 Stenger Invitational Rules

5v5 Rules

7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 Rules

Medical Release Form – *You may use your Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 League Medical forms

Application to Host

Tournament Policy/Rule Acknowledgement and Team Form

Team Check-In Information




Team check-ins/registration documents are due by: Friday May 17th– but you can start uploading your documents any time.  Start working on collecting your documents NOW!

DO NOT WAIT UNTIL MAY 17th, to take care of this, please – for your sanity and ours!

All teams will receive a confirmation email stating that their check‐in documents are complete no later than: Wednesday May 22nd, including a Stenger Invitational verified copy of your roster to be used at all tournament games.

Team documents will be monitored continuously and communications will be sent regarding any issues.

Teams are able to send us specific questions from within their team application on the documents page using the “Notify Registrar” section. We are able to respond back on the same page.

Instructions for online check-in can be found below: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!

Tournament rules can be found under the rules and forms tab.

Please note that a player can ONLY play for ONE team throughout the tournament.

Stenger Invitational Verified Rosters will be collected by referees at all games, remember to get your roster back from the referee at the end of the game. Although player cards, and medical release forms are not needed for team check-in, the actual laminated player cards (11U-14U competitive teams only) and medical release forms must be available at the field, every game. Failure to produce any or all of these documents as requested at game time, will result in a forfeit of ALL GAMES!

If there are questions please email, always identify your team name in any email.


1 copy of the State Approved, Official, Signed Roster (see “Frequently Asked Questions” below about adding guest players).  All players must be registered with a club for insurance purposes.  For recreational teams- you must use a club issued roster, signed by a club official, verifying all players are registered.

Permission to Travel Form. All teams from outside Region IV must have this form.  Check with your State association for the appropriate form.

Download, read, complete and execute the Stenger Invitational Policy/Rule Acknowledgement and Team Information Form


After you have gathered the appropriate documents to register your team, please scan or create PDF files for each document type, as they will be uploaded separately.  Please use appropriately descriptive names, i.e., Roster, Travel Papers, Stenger Policy, etc.) so you will know which files to upload where in your team application.

Then, follow these instructions:

  • Login to with your team username and password.
  • Select the “2019 Stenger Invitational” Event
  • Select “Documents”
  • Select the labels from the dropdown list and upload the appropriate files.

If you need to Notify Registrar, you will see that function on your documents page, also.


Can I email you my documents?

No. All documents must be uploaded to your GotSoccer account.

Do I need to upload the medical release forms into GotSoccer?

No.  However medical release forms are still required for every player participating in the tournament, and the coach or team rep will need to have the medical release forms present at every game in the tournament.  In addition, you will need to sign the tournament policy acknowledgement form stating you will have them at each game.  Failure to comply may result in tournament disqualification.

Can I ask a specific question during this process?

  • From your documents page in your team account, Stenger Invitational Event application, there is a “Notify Registrar” spot.  Click on notify, type in your short question and “Add”. Stenger staff can see there is a notification and will reply at the same spot.  Your team contact/manager will receive an automated email when we answer.

Once I’ve checked in using GotSoccer, will I receive an email confirming that my roster has been approved?

  • All teams will receive an email confirming their roster/documents have been approved. Your actual Stenger verified roster will be uploaded into your team account by us.  This is where you will print copies of your Stenger verified tournament roster to bring to the tournament. This roster must be given to the referee 15 mins. prior to each game. You must always bring your roster, actual laminated player/coach passes (no copies and only for 11U-14U competitive players) and medical forms to each game. This e-mail will be sent no later than 5 days prior to the tournament start date.

Players not attending the event:

If a player is not attending the event do I leave their name on the roster?

  • No, if a player is not attending the event; you need to cross their name off on the roster before you scan it.

Guest Players:

What is the maximum number of guest players a team can bring to the event?

  • Two (2) guest players are allowed for 7U and 8U age groups, three (3) guest players will be allowed for all other age groups.
  • Teams may roster up to the maximum permitted for their age per Stenger Invitational Rules (7U-8U: 10, 9U-10U: 14, 11U-12U: 16, and 13U-14U: 18).
  • Guest players are included in that maximum number.

How do I add a guest player?

  • Step 1: Obtain the guest player’s current player pass/card and medical release form.
  • Step 2: Copy your original roster. Please hand write legibly and carefully, the guest player’s full name, unique jersey number (if applicable), player identification number and birthday below the bottom of the existing rostered players.
  • Step 3: Cross off any players not participating in the tournament.
  • Step 4: Proper paperwork for guest players is required:



Print out this form here.

You must upload your completed form into your team application. VERY IMPORTANT: NO TEAM CAN PLAY WITHOUT THIS SIGNED DOCUMENT IN ITS FILE! This will be the first place we will go to contact your team during the tournament weekend for any possible reason – it is extremely important that we have this signed document back from your team before you can play.


Awards and Merchandise

Participation medals will be awarded for all 7U and 8U players.  1st and 2nd place medals will be awarded in each division for 9U-15U.  

Come check out the Fine Design booth for your Tournament Apparel.


A certified referee will officiate all games.  9U through 14U teams are required to provide a qualified parent/volunteer linesperson for each of their scheduled games.  If you have anyone interested in officiating games at our tournament, Play the Whistle, or

Interested in Being a Tournament Sponsor?

Our Tournament relies on several sponsors to help offset tournament costs.  We would love to be able to promote your company, all while  your business supports a great tournament.  Please take a moment to look at the Sponsorship Opportunities, and contact David Kramer or 720-726-2400 for more information.

2019 Stenger Invitational Sponsorship Opportunities

Tournament Director

Todd Gette – Please call (303)403-0902, e-mail, or visit   if you require additional information.  

Thank You 2019 Sponsors!

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