About EDGE TOPSoccer

About EDGE TOPSoccer

We Want Special Needs Kids Who Want to Play Soccer


How We Are The Same As Regular Teams:

  • Kids must be ages 5 – 19 (CYS rules)
  • Players are CYS members
  • Players wear team uniforms
  • Players follow regular soccer rules (for safety and learning)

How We Are Different From Regular Teams:

  • More high-5’s and hugs among players
  • Parents are encouraged to help coach
  • No official game score
  • More relaxed – We all cheer for both teams
  • Small groups by age/ability – 3V3 on up to regular play

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What is Top Soccer?

A program to teach children with special needs how to play soccer.

What is age limit for the players?

The age limit is from five to nineteen years old.

What is the cost?

Twenty-five dollars per season or on scholarship, if there is a financial need.

Does the player need a uniform?

Uniforms are provided by EDGE to the players.

Who coaches the team?

Volunteers from the Arvada Soccer Association.

When are practices and games?

Practice will be once a week, usually Friday, with games on Saturday.

What is the location for practices and games?

All of the practices and most of the games will be played in Arvada at the Stenger Soccer Complex located at 58th Avenue and Quail Street.

Is there any travel involved?

Occasionally, the team will play other TopSoccer teams in the metro area.

Where are the other teams located?

There is a team in southwest Jefferson County and other teams in Aurora.

Do the teams keep score to determine a winner?

Nobody keeps score and everyone who participates is a winner.

What is the goal of this program?

To offer a fun and rewarding soccer experience for all players, parents and coaches.

How does a player register to play?
  • Call EDGE Soccer Club at (303) 403-0902
  • Players may register at any time during the season.
  • There are two seasons, a Fall season, starting after Labor Day and a Spring season, starting in April.
  • Each season is 8-9 weeks in length.